Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Completion tracker for forums in Moodle

With any one, or a combination of requirements you can encourage and facilitate a lively discussion in your Moodle course. For example you might require that a student start their own thread, and reply to at least three other students’ comments.  Once a student has met that criteria you could (if setup properly) verify completion simply by using the completion block.

completion - forum

  • Completion tracking options include: “…when conditions are met”, students can mark completion or “do not indicate activity completion” for those assignments/resources you don’t want to track.  To make all of the completion options available and automatic you’ll want to utilize “…when conditions are met”
  • Require view: just that, the student must click the link to mark the activity complete
  • Require grade: students will need a grade or a pass/fail for the assignment
  • Require posts: students must post (and you can choose to require X posts)
  • Require discussions: students must start a new thread (you can also choose a quantity)
  • Require replies: students must reply (again, you can choose quantity)
In order to utilize these settings you must turn on Activity Completion in your course.
1. In the Settings block, click on Edit Course Settings.
2. Scroll down until you see the section titled "Student Progress" and use the drop down options next to Completion tracking to choose "Enabled, control via completion and activity settings".
3. Save your changes.
4. Completion tracking will now be available for all activities. The completion tracking activities are set-up individually.

For more information about Activity Completion in Moodle visit:

Or the ITRC google doc:  Activity Completion

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