Thursday, October 14, 2010

Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC) Grant Opportunity

Educause and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have teamed to offer a grant opportunity to education.

Here is a quote from the announcement as we received information about it:

I encourage you to review the NGLC RFP and consider the opportunities it represents for your institution and the nation’s learners. EDUCAUSE will host two webcasts (October 19 at 3:00 p.m. ET and October 27 at 1:00 p.m. ET) to provide additional information and answer questions. The pre-proposal application will go live on October 25, with pre-proposals due on November 19. Those asked to submit full proposals will be notified in January, with final awards made by March 31, 2011. Please share this information with your colleagues.

As you consider what Next Generation Learning Challenges means to you and your institution, let me underscore three important aspects of the program:
  • NGLC is designing the future. NGLC focuses on the next generation—of learners, learning, and technology. This focus will interest constituents from across your campus, including presidents, provosts, and faculty.
  • Information technology is at the forefront of change. NGLC heightens recognition of IT as a critical enabler of student and institutional success with new models that personalize, customize, and deepen learning.
  • NGLC will create a “multiplier effect.” NGLC encourages the adoption of effective practices across institutions. IT can extend the reach and multiply the benefits of new models without sacrificing personalization or effectiveness.
We in the ITRC are excited about the possibilities of this grant opportunity. We are considering option and potential projects even now. We would like to encourage the rest of campus to consider ideas as well. If we could partner on some kind of idea or project for ISU with individuals on campus, we would be very excited about that opportunity.

Below are three ideas we are brainstorming on now:

* A student technology support center
* Analytics from Moodle or distance education in general to provide better information for faculty to improve student learning and retention
* A focused eISU effort that encompasses, expands, and spotlights distance education at ISU

Those are just a few of the ideas we are considering right now. We would love to hear more ideas from the campus community. If you want to talk to someone about this opportunity please contact either Blake Beck or Randy Stamm.

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